In the last six months the FAA has granted several BVLOS waivers, as well as first-of-their-kind waivers that included BVLOS operations. In fact, of the 32 BVLOS waivers that the FAA has ever granted, ten of them—or about 1/3—were issued in the last six months. …


The Chula Vista Police Department’s new Close Proximity, Low Altitude (CPLA) waiver to enable Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions in emergency situations. This waiver is the result of months of collaboration on patrol drone operations, ground risk reduction, and policy innovation between the CVPD, the San Diego UAS Integration Pilot Program, and Skydio.

The FAA calls the BVLOS waiver the "holy grail" of waivers because of how sought-after it is and how hard it is to get approved. It can be done, though: As with any of the other applications, the BVLOS Waivers for Public Safety Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) waivers from the Federal Aviation Administrations are now available to public safety organizations that fly drones. The FAA released the BVLOS waiver guide for first responders during its annual Unmanned Aircraft Systems Symposium last week. The waiver allows law enforcement and public safety remote pilots to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) during dangerous missions. REDWOOD CITY, Calif.

Bvlos waiver

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Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020. A new waiver granted to K-State Polytechnic permits UAS BVLOS flights in all Class G airspace nationwide. | Download this photo. 2020-10-05 BVLOS operations can help businesses collect data in a way that is safer and more cost-efficient than traditional methods; To date, more than twelve hundred BVLOS waiver applications have been submitted to the FAA by commercial drone operators—99% have failed to be approved PrecisionHawk was one of three companies to participate in The Pathfinder Initiative, researching the safety 2021-01-23 Iris Automation has launched a new Waiver Resource Center (WRC) for UAS (unmanned aerial system) pilots that provides tools and information for managing the complex waiver submission process for all BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drone operations..

107 BVLOS Waivers Jeremy Grogan – FAA Flight Standards Service § 107.31 Visual Line of Sight Aircraft • 107.37(a) is listed as a regulation subject to waiver

A waiver is a special permission granted by aviation authorities that allow one to operate in the BVLOS conditions outlined in the application. However, these approvals are notoriously difficult to achieve as they require drone operators to show how the necessary risk mitigations address safety of other aircraft or the people and property below. The FAA calls the BVLOS waiver the "holy grail" of waivers because of how sought-after it is and how hard it is to get approved.

Bvlos waiver

Sep 29, 2020 FAA grants special BVLOS waiver for Percepto autonomous drone to inspect critical communications infrastructure without on-ground visual 

Bvlos waiver

av InterDrone Podcast | Publicerades 2020-11-  Another waiver! #24!

A common factor that has been observed among successful BVLOS waiver applications is that they provide detailed descriptions for the risk mitigation procedures adopted to avoid collisions with other aircraft (such as the role of visual observers and technology). The “Ineffective” BVLOS PrecisionHawk Waiver Story. By Patrick Egan. 14 October 2020.
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Bvlos waiver

1:10 (Waivers under public safety COA’s generally provide the BVLOS capability by authorizing an exemption to CFR 14 Part 91.113(b)). The Motivations behind the regulations are 3-fold: The operator has to be able to avoid other aircraft (manned and unmanned). Whether it be a part 107 waiver, night waiver, flight over people, BVLOS,etc.

Waivers Approved: FAA 14 CFR § 107.31 (Visual Line of Sight Aircraft Operation) FAA 14 CFR § 107.33 (Visual Observer) The approved waivers authorize SkyTask to conduct remote flight […] Applying for a BVLOS waiver.
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One key difference between a BVLOS waiver and other advanced waivers like a 107.29 waiver to operate at night is that BVLOS operations are much more location-specific. For example, many people who submit a 107.29 waiver ask for and receive permission to …

Rob Knochenhauer of Green Sight talks about what you need to know. Sep 23, 2020 FAA grants Skyward temporary waiver to allow company pilots to fly the FAA can grant “beyond visual line of sight,” or BVLOS, waivers to  Sep 25, 2020 The FAA has granted Skyward a BVLOS waiver to allow civilian operations to inspect critical infrastructure during the Big Hollow wildfire. Jan 10, 2019 State Farm previously received temporary FAA waivers to conduct BVLOS damage-assessment operations over people in areas affected by  Jun 20, 2020 The WRC is sold as a subscription and is available to all drone operators in the US pursuing FAA BVLOS waivers, including part 107.31, part  Apr 26, 2020 COVID-19 has prompted the FAA to loosen its notoriously tight restrictions on drones flying beyond visual line of site (BVLOS). DroneDJ is  Jun 28, 2018 Companies with FAA Rule 107 waivers offer insights on commercial drone According to PrecisionHawk Inc., more than 1,200 BVLOS waiver  Aug 24, 2018 How-To Apply for a Drone Waiver, Part 107.31: Flying Beyond the Pilot's " Beyond Visual Line of Sight," to learn more about BVLOS waivers  Jul 8, 2020 (Waivers under public safety COA's generally provide the BVLOS capability by authorizing an exemption to CFR 14 Part 91.113(b)).